Our Story
In 2010, More Than Fútbol was approached by a local Pastor with a connection to a community in Belize. Since the camps in Nicaragua were thriving and the relatioship with the community was building, we believed it was time for the next step. 
After exchanging a few simple e-mails with the Holy Cross School in Ambergris Caye, Belize, we were off to the races with a group of volunteers traveling to Holy Cross to run a soccer camp for the kids! 
When we arrived to run camp in Belize we were an unknown to the community and similar to Nicaragua it took a few years of demonstrating our consistency and commitment to the community to build a strong and positive relationship with the families of Holy Cross. They could see that More Than Fútbol was here to stay and at that point we were ready to take the next step forward... 

Where we are today

Every January we travel down and run a week-long camp for the children of Holy Cross School. The children are able to receive the attention and mentoring that they so desperately need. Volunteers work with small groups of children allowing them to have fun and connect with the children on a more personal level. 
After our January 2016 trip, Coach Abby stayed in Belize to help establish an extended-service option for future More Than Fútbol volunteers. Abby initiated a league for children to participate in after school and on the weekends that is still running today with the help of extended-service trip volunteers and Belizean volunteers! 
We strive to teach the kids "More" than fútbol by working on leadership, teamwork and life skills on the soccer field. We also run an empowerment program in the classroom that includes career building, trade skills, leadership and confidence building. We have recruited small businesses on the island to help us with this effort by coming into the school once a week and working with the kids. The aim is to cultivate some basic skills and help make each child's dream tangible. 
We encourage all volunteers to travel down with us. Even if volunteers do not play soccer, they can help with our empowerment program. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult. We have had children as young as age 9 travel with us but all ages are welcome. The youngest child we work with in Belize is 5 years old and when children travel with us, they participate with the children in camp and help by setting a good example!  

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